Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Ward Councillor Role and Responsibilities

  • Leadership at Ward Level 
  • To lead and champion the interests of the local community and effectively represent the interests of the Ward and its constituents. 
  • To meet and liaise regularly with local interested parties and involve and consult them on key Council decisions. 
  • To support and promote citizenship locally and empower the community to participate in the governance of the area. 
  • To undertake case work for constituents and act as an advocate in resolving concerns or grievances. 
  • To communicate with local people and answer enquiries: o about decisions that affect them o about opportunities in the community o regarding the rights of constituents o as to why decisions are taken 
  • To act as an advocate for the Council within the Authority and outside Localism 
  • To participate constructively in the good governance of the area.
  • To use influence as an Elected Representative to develop links between groups and communities in the Ward and local area. 
  • To forge local partnerships to ensure resources are used to meet the priority needs of the area. Representation 
  • To inform the debate at Full Council meetings and contribute to the effectiveness of the Council meeting as the focus of visible leadership.
  •  To contribute to the formation and scrutiny of the Authority’s policies, budget, strategies and service delivery. 
  • To contribute to the scrutiny of decision making and review of the policies and services of the Council and of other public services delivered in the Borough via the Scrutiny process.  
  • To represent the authority to the community and the community to the Council. 
  • To develop and maintain a knowledge of the Council and develop effective working relationships with its officers. 
  • To participate in the activities of any political group of which the Councillor is a member. 
  • To represent the Council on outside bodies and to participate effectively in the appointed role and, where appropriate, to represent those bodies within the Borough. Other 
  • Commitment to delivering excellent public services. 
  • To fulfill the legal (in accordance with the Council Code of Conduct for Councillors) and local requirements placed on an elected member. 
  • To be responsible for personal development and undergo appropriate development and continuous improvement for any role undertaken. Competencies Community Leadership Skills 
  • Ability to lead and champion the interests of the local community
  • Ability to manage casework (including the use of IT to support the process) 
  • Community engagement 
  • Ability to influence and persuade 
  • Negotiation skills
  • Managing conflict and mediation skills 
  • Ability to develop relationships with key officers and partner agencies 
  • Ability to build effective relationships with all sections of the community so as to be able to represent their needs to the Council 
  • Ability to chair community meetings and facilitate discussions Knowledge 
  • Understanding of how the Council works
  • Knowledge of the Council structure, key contact officers and services procedures and eligibility criteria 
  • Knowledge of the political decision making structures 
  • Understanding of the Code of Conduct for Councillors, ethics and standards and the role of the Standards Committee and the Standards Board for England. 
  • Understanding of national policies and their impact on the Council 
  • Knowledge of the strategic priorities and key policies of the Council
  • Understanding of legislation and Council policies to which Members must adhere (e.g. Dignity at Work, Smoking Policy, Freedom of Information, Data Protection, equality legislation) 
  • Basic understanding local government finances and audit processes 
  • Understanding the Corporate Parenting responsibilities 
  • Knowledge of the Council’s complaints procedure Communication Skills 
  • Ability to deal with the media whilst being able to identify when additional support from public relations specialists is required, to ensure the Council is positively represented
  • Ability to communicate with a range of audiences 
  • Active listening and questioning skills 
  • Presentation skills 
  • Public speaking

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Council Congratulates Louisa Johnson

Six weeks later the council confirmed that they've written to the xfactor winner. In answer to my question the mayor confirmed she has written to Louisa and invited her to a civic event in Thurrock.

My question: "By the time this question is heard, Chafford's famous young ladyLouisa Johnsin would have reigned for almost 6 weeks on the X factor throne. What, if any, has the Council done to recognise this achievement and to ensure Louisa's determination to excel in exceptional circumstances is a role model to young residents of Thurrock?"

Police Presentation to Councillors followed by Questions & Answers

Four senior police officers attended the council meeting: police and crime commissioner Nick Alston, chief Constable Leigh Norris, chief Constable Stephen Kavanagh and his assistant.
There was a 20 minute presentation about the overall work of the police.

I had the opportunity to ask one question.

My question: My residents are very active on social media and they've asked me numerous questions since I made them aware you were coming just this afternoon. Chief issues in Chafford are tackling boy racers and dealing with potential gangs in Chafford. Now that the government have found the funds will you keep the local PSCOs and tackle these issues once and for all?
A: Chief Constable Kavanagh said they will still cut PSCOs but instead of reducing them to 60 they will keep 90.
A: Chief Constable Norris said they are tackling boy racers by working with the council on the new PSPO.
He recognised that there are Chafford residents who are involved in gangs which operate outside Thurrock. Essex police now have various measures in place to deal with this including working with the London police and exchange of information with neighbouring forces.

Thank you to everyone who raised issues for me to bring to the police on Facebook. I will write to them about all the other issues raised.

Grays Development Framework: Consultation

The Council is publishing a consultation draft development framework for Grays.


This document is intended to guide development in the town centre. The consultation runs from 21st January to 9th February.


Details of the proposals contained in the framework can be viewed at https://thurrock.gov.uk/graysfuture . There is also a short online questionnaire that you can use to provide your views. The link will open on the 21st January


In addition to the online details, exhibition boards will be displayed in a number of venues around the town centre as follows;

·         Grays Library:  Thursday 21st January to Tuesday 26th January.

·         The Civic Offices: Wednesday 27th January to Thursday 4th February,

·         Grays Shopping Centre: Friday 5th February and Saturday 6th February

·         South Essex College: Monday 8th February and Tuesday 9th February,

If you want to discuss this with staff we will be available at the exhibitions as follows;

·         Grays Library: Thursday 21st January between 10am and 2pm

·         Civic Offices: Thursday 28th January between 2pm and 5pm

·         Grays Shopping Centre: Friday5th February and Saturday 6th February between midday and 4 pm on both days

·         South Essex College: Monday 9th February between midday and 4pm

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Lower Thames Crossing Route Consultation 2016 – Have Your Say

Dear Residents

Lower Thames Crossing Route Consultation 2016 – Have Your Say

Consultation closes on Thursday 24 March 2016

We are pleased to notify you that Highways England has today launched a public consultation on proposals for a Lower Thames Crossing, a new road crossing of the River Thames connecting Kent and Essex.

 The proposal is for a new road which would connect the A2/M2 in Kent with a tunnel crossing east of Gravesend and Tilbury, before joining the M25 between junctions 29 and 30. There are three route options north of the river in Essex and two south of the river in Kent.

Find out more and have your say

This is your opportunity to let us know your views before we make our recommendations to the Department for Transport later this year. If you would like to find out more please visit our website www.lower-thames-crossing.co.uk where you can:

·         View and download maps and other information about our proposals

·         Provide your views by completing our online questionnaire

·         Find out about one of our events where members of our team will be on hand to answer your questions.

·         Find out where you can view the proposals at a location in your area where copies of consultation materials, maps and questionnaires are available.

Saturday, 9 January 2016

News from your Member of Parliament

News from your Member of Parliament
Jackie Doyle-Price MP

Fighting for Thurrock

Dear Residents,

I do hope you have had an enjoyable festive season.  As we begin a New Year I thought I would drop you a line on some current issues.

Lower Thames Crossing

In a matter of weeks, the Government will be bringing forward clear proposals regarding the location of the new Lower Thames Crossing.  In view of the congestion here in Thurrock caused by the Dartford Crossing, I have been arguing that any new crossing should be located downstream from Thurrock. 

These arguments have been resisted by the Highways Agency who argue that a new crossing further downstream would not alleviate congestion at Dartford.  Consequently a new crossing will be located either alongside the existing crossing, or between East Tilbury and Gravesend.

As time progresses it becomes more and more clear that no new crossing is not an option.  We need to build resilience into the road network.  I have therefore challenged Ministers to ensure that their proposals meet the following criteria:

  1. It must alleviate congestion at the Dartford crossing
  2. It must not add congestion to the Thurrock Road network
  3. It must not add congestion to the A13 or M25

I will be in touch to seek your views when the proposals are released.

C2C timetable

Prior to Christmas, C2C introduced a new timetable.  Whilst many commuters welcome the changes, there has been criticism.  I have challenged C2C on the issues raised with me and they have reflected on these representations and implemented some tweaks to the timetable.  Do let me know if you have anything to share.

European Referendum

Those who have been wanting a referendum on our membership of the European Union will be pleased that we have now passed the law to enable a referendum, and it is very likely that it will take place this year.  It will be for the British public to decide whether we stay or leave the European Union. 

Syria and Fighting Terrorism

Just before Christmas you will recall that the House of Commons voted to extend our mission in Iraq into Syria.  This decision reflects the fact that we will not defeat ISIL unless we can attack their bases in Syria as well as in Iraq. 

Make no mistake, ISIL are a clear and present danger to us all.  Our security services have foiled 7 terrorist plots to attack our country and our neighbours, all of which were planned in Syria.  The first duty of any Government is to keep its citizens safe and I am pleased that the decision to take action was supported by MPs from all political parties.

Fighting for Thurrock

I have the privilege of serving in Her Majesty's Government and it is a real honour to do so.  I am enjoying working with Ministers and Opposition colleagues to make sure that business runs smoothly and the Government secures its legislation. I do however continue fighting for Thurrock.  Since November we have been visited by no fewer than four Ministers: Ministers from the Department of Transport, the Secretary of State for Culture, Media & Sport and the Chancellor of the Exchequer.  This reflects the interest and support which we in Thurrock have from the Government and underlines the commitment my Ministerial colleagues have to make Thurrock be the best it can be.


You can get more regular updates on what I have been up to by following me on Twitter at @jackiedpand by 'liking' my Facebook Page which I will be updated regularly with my activities, campaigns and up to date information on both my parliamentary and constituency based work.

As always, do feel free to get in touch if there is anything I can ever help you withcontact meI think that is enough for now. 

Best Wishes,

Jackie Doyle-Price MP
Member of Parliament for Thurrock

Friday, 18 December 2015

Holiday bin collection dates

Bin collection dates to take account of the Christmas and New Year holidays start this coming weekend.

Collections scheduled for Monday (21 December) will be made early - on Saturday, 19 December.

Bin collections will then continue one day earlier than usual until Christmas Eve, Thursday, 24 December, when those usually collected on a Friday will be picked up.

Collections will then be on the usual day from Monday, 28 December until Thursday, 31 December, but collections due on Friday, 1 January will be on Monday, 4 January.

Other collections in the first week of the New Year will move back one day until Friday, 8 January's collection moves to Saturday, 9 January.

From Monday, 28 December, to Saturday, 9 January, extra recycling will be taken if it is tied-up in Thurrock Council's free recycling bags which are clear blue and can be collected from any of Thurrock's library during December.

Other extra waste should be tied-up in black bin bags. All side waste in black bin bags will be treated as non-recyclable.

Side waste should be put out next to your bins on your scheduled Christmas collection day and residents can place their real Christmas tree in the brown bin so long as it is cut down and the lid is shut properly.

Details of what can be recycled and what cannot, as well as details of collections dates street-by-street are available on the council's website thurrock.gov.uk/waste

Monday, 14 December 2015

Thurrock Civic Awards 2016

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Business in the Community Award

The Civic awards are for the people and organisations that make a positive difference and help put the spirit into their community.

We would like for you to choose a Thurrock business or social enterprise to nominate for the Business in the Community Award.

All nominations will be acknowledged. Nominees who are shortlisted for awards will be contacted and invited to the Awards Ceremony on 26 February 2016.